Antonyms of Knowledge Quiz

Fill up the sentences with the correct Antonyms

1. Glasgow has the highest percentage of __________ among Scottish cities.

2. Justin, Wales Rugby's chairman said Alec is the best man to head the boys program team regardless of his relative _____________ on the field.

3. The doctor delivered a sledgehammer, startled by our _____________ of my situation, and said, 'You have stage 4 carcinoma cancer.'

4. Cullen said that the prisoners lost some of their ___________ on that terrible day.

5. One of the major risks involved in driving abroad is ______________ with the laws of another country.

6. I ventured into the new Mexican restaurant with some equally __________ companions.

7. According to business analyst Louis Castagne, carrying weapons by teenagers is the ultimate kind of ___________.

8. Andreu had a severe ___________ to talk for several weeks after his tonsils were removed.

9. I believe no one ever looked at them because of their _____________.

10. Julie's first boyfriend left her because of her ______________ towards him.

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Antonyms of Knowledge