Antonyms of one Quiz

In the following sentences, find the appropriate antonyms for 'one.'

1. ______ of them had ever ventured to raise the question.

2. Several others feel concerned about the possibility of discovering they have _________ personalities.

3. Janice planted ___________ flowering shrubs in the garden.

4. The temperature dropped to five degrees below _____.

5. How ______ miles had they travelled today?

6. Australasia now produces only a little ___________ cotton.

7. On the buffet, there are ____________ vegetarian options.

8. Kevin had not said the words "I love you," despite Karen saying them ________ times.

9. I think you're putting in too ______ sugar in the pastry.

10. When the doctor arrived, he gave me even _________ dreadful news about my health.

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Antonyms of one