Articles - A/An/The Quiz

Complete the sentence with a, an, the, or no article (—).

1. Tim sat down on ___ chair; Tim sat down on ____ chair nearest the door.

2. My brother is ____ economics lecturer. He works at _____ university in my city.

3. ___ man was sitting opposite to me. I think ____ man was American.

4. Do you have ___ car? ; I cleaned ____ car yesterday.

5. We stayed at ___ very cheap hotel; ____ hotel where we stayed was very cheap.

6. Would you like ___ apple? ; Would you like to try ____ apple pie?

7. I have to go to ____ bank and then I’m going to ____ post office.

8. I’ll see you on ____ fifth of August; I’ll see you on ____ 5th August.

9. Do you live in ____ apartment?; No, actually, I live in ___ house.

10. When I was at ___ school, we didn’t have smart classrooms; When I was at ____ school, my co-worker phoned me.

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Articles - A/An/The