Auxiliary Verbs Quiz

Choose the correct auxiliary verb to complete the sentence.

1. What time _____ he usually get up?

2. I haven’t travelled much, but Gary ____.

3. I usually work on Saturdays, but last Saturday I ______.

4. ‘Do you think it’s going to rain?’; ‘It _______. Take an umbrella in case.’

5. ‘Please don’t tell anybody what happened.'; ‘Don’t worry. I ______.’

6. I don’t know whether to apply for the job or not. Do you think I ________ ?

7. ‘Are you and Chris going to the party?’; ‘I ____, but Chris _____.’

8. I like hot weather, but Toby ________.

9. ‘Is Andy here?’; ‘He _____ five minutes ago, but I think he’s gone home now.’

10. Lisa said she might come and see me tomorrow, but I don’t think she _____ .

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Auxiliary Verbs