Basic Idioms Quiz

Choose the correct meaning of the highlighted idioms in the following sentences.

1. My computer shut down unexpectedly while I was writing that essay, and I had to start again 'from scratch'.

2. My mom threw a 'wet blanket' on my plans try out for the play.

3. If I did that, my son would 'kill' me.

4. The new student is always 'bad-mouthing' our school.

5. Not getting homework done is 'par for the course' with Janet.

6. Amy shouted at me 'break a leg' before I went up on stage.

7. Chelsea was going to try out for the baseball team, but she got 'cold feet'.

8. Julia has become quite a 'bookworm' this year.

9. My little brother can be 'slower than molasses' when doing his chores.

10. My mom and I don’t see eye to eye on the way I eat.

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Basic Idioms