Collective Nouns Quiz

Complete the sentence with the collective noun options provided for each question.

1. The man fell down a _______ of stairs and hurt himself.

2. A ______ of elephants can destroy the annual harvest of many small farms.

3. After eating a large prey, a ______ of lions rests in a forest hay field.

4. A _______ of armoured vehicles clanks over vacant streets every few hours.

5. A ________ of gnats will almost look like black dust in the sky.

6. A _______ of people gathered to see the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace.

7. I have to finish reading this big _____ of books.

8. A ______ of monkeys welcomes a stray dog into their group.

9. On a day off, a ________ of friends was loitering outside the park.

10. The hunter peered through his monocular at a ______ of birds while hunting.

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Collective Nouns