Collective Nouns for Food Quiz

Complete the sentence with the collective noun options provided for each question.

1. It is always a good thing to keep a ______ of honey in your pantry.

2. A _____ of sugar is needed to make these pastries.

3. A ______of peas should be included in every nutritional meal you have every day.

4. My little boy had placed a _______ of cereal in my shopping cart.

5. We picked some __________ of strawberries during our fruit-picking trip.

6. During the breeding season, an ostrich on my aunt's farm lays a ________ of eggs

7. When thirsty, Steven always drinks a _______ of milk from the fridge.

8. From the grocery store, I usually buy a ________ of onions that lasts for several days.

9. Andrew helped me tie up the ________ of corn for drying in the morning.

10. Chocolate syrup and _________ of nuts make a delicious sweet snack bite.

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Collective Nouns for Food