Collective Nouns for People Quiz

Complete the sentence with the collective noun options provided for each question.

1. England’s _______ of athletes aged 17 to 74 won medals, illustrating how sport can inspire people of all ages.

2. A _______ of hunters aimed at a vulture eating a dead bandicoot on a tree.

3. After years of political turmoil and war, a _______ of refugees began to return to their homeland.

4. A ________ of smokers in that shop corner created the smoke.

5. A __________ of librarians was assembled in the meeting hall for the incentive programme.

6. A _______ of clerks went back on strike after rejecting a 4% pay raise offer.

7. There was a massive dam built by a ________ of labourers that extended 200 feet into the solid rock.

8. A ________ of gamblers garnered nearly $200 million this month, according to a new report from the Department of Gaming.

9. A ________ of women begged him for his autograph during the show.

10. I'd like to have a wide _______ of friends like the ones I had in college.

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Collective Nouns for People