Collective Noun for things Quiz

Complete the sentence with the collective noun options provided for each question.

1. Julian and Dube are purchasing the items with ________ of cash.

2. I found a/an _______ of stamps in my dad’s old memory box.

3. Clara was happily playing with a _______ of wool.

4. Many farmers discussed and decided to plant a _______ of native trees in their village.

5. Mom kept asking me what I was supposed to do with all the half-used _______ of toothpaste.

6. During the long winter months, I serve a hot _____ of soup to my family three times every week.

7. St. Paul’s church has organized a _______ of Easter events.

8. Due to a sudden landslide, a ______ of vehicles was destroyed.

9. A _____ of sunshine filtered through the slits of the window.

10. On Saturday, we pruned a ________ of bushes in our garden to keep it healthy.

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Collective Noun for things