Coordinating Conjunctions Quiz

Use the correct coordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

1. Jhon's birthday celebration was a full of fun _____ a lot of people showed up.

2. What kind of music do you like, classical ____ hip hop?

3. Sally doesn’t like the mountains, _____ does she like the ocean.

4. I went to London _____ didn’t see the Queen.

5. The company hired a new manager ______ the sales department.

6. Miguel plays football well, _____ his favourite sport is tennis.

7. I was feeling hungry, _____ I made myself a sandwich.

8. Freddie didn’t eat his vegetables, _____ did he want the meat.

9. My aunt designs high quality ____ affordable clothes.

10. Please be quiet ____ everyone can read peacefully.

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Coordinating Conjunctions