Subordinating Conjunctions Quiz

Use the correct subordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

1. Janet listened to his comments politely ______________ they sounded silly.

2. Selby will buy a house ______ he gets a job.

3. Diana and Daniel were determined to go for a walk ________ it was going to rain.

4. Kevin should think twice ________ he speaks.

5. I love Matisse’s work ____ he uses colour so brilliantly.

6. The students copied into their notebook __________ the teachers wrote on the blackboard.

7. Elliot is short and blond _________ his sister is tall and dark.

8. They painted her house ______ she was at work.

9. You were behaving _____ you were the boss.

10. I took the express train _______ I could arrive on time.

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Subordinating Conjunctions