Conjunctions Test Quiz

Use the correct conjunction from the given options to complete the sentence.

1. I went to the store _____________ I could buy some bread.

2. She loves to read books ______________ she's a bit of a bookworm.

3. We decided to go out for dinner, _______ we didn't feel like cooking.

4. I want to take a trip to Japan, ___________, I have to save up money first.

5. He didn't have much time, _____ he finished the project before the deadline.

6. She is ________ a great cook _________ a great dancer.

7. I didn't study for the exam, ________ I passed anyway.

8. He is an excellent musician, __________ he rarely performs in public.

9. ___________ I was walking to work, I saw an accident.

10. I'm not sure ________ I should wear a black dress ______ the red one.

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Conjunctions Test