Conjunctions - Coordinating Quiz

Use the correct coordinating conjunction to complete the sentence.

1. My kids like milk _____ cookies, so it will always be on my grocery list.

2. Harry went to the cloister ____ to the small chapel nearby.

3. I have never talked to that guy, _____ do I want to do it.

4. It wasn’t dark _____ the moon was out.

5. My daughter bought a new roller skates ____ her skating classes.

6. It was raining hard, _____ we went to the football game.

7. The smart TV was too expensive, ____ Omar didn’t buy it.

8. Tamara must have been very hungry, _____ she ate everything immediately.

9. At eleven a.m. on a workday, Flash Slothmore is sluggish _____ efficient.

10. Sammy wanted to go skydiving, _____ his parents didn’t let him.

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Conjunctions - Coordinating