Conjunctions Correlative Quiz

Use the correct correlative conjunction to complete the sentence.

1. _____ more you practice dribbling, _____ better you will be at it.

2. ________ many Europeans love football, ____ many Indians love Cricket.

3. The plane ticket were twice ______ expensive _____ before.

4. __________ had the mum started to eat, ______ the baby stared crying from sleep.

5. We can _______ go to the movies ____ stay inside and watch Netflix.

6. You are free to engage in _________ physical activity _____ you like.

7. ________ had I stepped out of the kitchen ______ I started to smell something burning.

8. The number of migrations varies _________ with the month, _________ with the type of species.

9. _________ the bow jewellery set is cheap ____ not, I’m still going to buy them.

10. We should go to ________ the pool ______ the lake to practice swimming.

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Conjunctions Correlative