Expanded Noun Phrases Quiz

Find the appropriate noun phrases from the given options.

Exploring Expanded Noun Phrases: A Complete Guide

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1. After his lunch, Sid ate cookies.

2. The scientist panicked when his experiment started to go wrong.

3. As they approached the castle, they noticed the door was already open.

4. The astronaut donned his spacesuit and sat down, ready for take-off.

5. Waiting for the bus, the commuters took shelter from the rain drops that battered the ground relentlessly.

6. Under the waves, the fish swam swiftly through the reef.

7. The criminal was apprehended as he attempted to steal the diamond.

8. The building with windows and brickwork was the place that the children had ever ventured.

9. Without a warning, a lightning lit up the sky and was followed by a thunder that shook the house.

10. The tiger, which was pacing around the enclosure waiting to be fed, let out a roar.

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Expanded Noun Phrases