Future Perfect Progressive Tense Quiz

Identify the correct form of future perfect progressive tense.

1. My friends ______________ on the beach all holidays.

2. By this time tomorrow, you __________________  for 24 hours!

3. When my daughter turns eight, we _______________ here for 10 years.

4. Even though she _________________ the whole night, Monica and her moves will still look very fresh.

5. Sam _________________ this book for 15 days by the end of this week.

6. In two months I __________________ English at this school for ten years.

7. I will be tired when I get home because I _________________ for over an hour.

8. There was an accident last week. The driver _________________ attention to the road signs.

9. I ___________________ to Japan by this time next week.

10. _______ the boy _______________with toys for one hour.

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Future Perfect Progressive Tense