Future Perfect ContinuousTense Quiz

Identify the correct form of future perfect progressive tense.

1. I bet he _____________ to his friends online.

2. I ______________ to New York for a holiday next week.

3. By the end of this month, I ______________ for the school for five years.

4. You _______________ computer games all day long.

5. How long ______ you ___________ your boyfriend when you get married? 

6. I ________________ in London next summer.

7. He'll still be groggy. He ___________ surgery for three hours.

8. ______ Max __________ a bicycle?

9. I expect Anna will be tired when she arrives. She ________________ for over 20 hours.

10. How long ___ you ____________ here when you retire?

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Future Perfect ContinuousTense