Future Tenses Quiz

For the following question, identify the correct future tense form.

1. In ten minutes you _____________________ non-stop for six hours.

2. I ____________ make a quick phone call. Can you just wait for me?

3. When I get home, you _______ probably ________________ television.

4. Don’t worry, he _________________ the bike by then.

5. In September, Gabriella ___________________ in France for a year.

6. _______ Noah _______________ his work by 5 o’clock?

7. Kevin, Stuart and Bob are on their way to Orlando. They _______________ this time tomorrow.

8. I _________ anyone what happened. I promise.

9. My mom _____________________ breakfast by the time my dad and brother wake up.

10. That bag looks heavy. I ____________ you with it.

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Future Tenses