All Future Tenses Quiz

For the following quiz, identify the correct future tense form.

1. Julia _____________________ golf for five hours by the time she finishes.

2. The delivery person __________ leave your package by the door.

3. In an hour I ________________ my clothes.

4. ________ the boy _______________to hit the ball before his next tee ball game?

5. Elinor’s dance routine will be perfect by the time of the competition. She ________________________ for over 8 weeks.

6. I'm having driving lessons! Hopefully, I ______________ my test by summer.

7. John __________________ his store in the morning because it has poured all night.

8. I ___________ until I've seen the manager!

9. They _____________________ for over an hour by the time James arrives.

10. I ___________________ a rough draft of the chapter of my book by Friday. 

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All Future Tenses