Grammar Rules - Articles Quiz

Fill in the blanks with your responses to the grammar article rules questions.

1. ‘The’ is used for _______ nouns.

2. Which of the followings is used to generalize a group/whole class?

3. When the first letter of a consonant word has a vowel sound, which article should we use?

4. The ______ article is sometimes used to refer to numbers. (Ex: ‘fifty bucks’ in a sentence)

5. Use definite article ‘the’ before ________.

6. Find the correct statement from the following options.

7. We only use ‘___’ when it is clear who or what we are referring to.

8. Do not use article with _______________.

9. Indefinite articles are often used before descriptive ___________.

10. I do not want _____ gun in my house; _____ gun is in his closet; I am afraid of _____ guns.

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Grammar Rules - Articles