Grammar Rules - Verb Tenses Quiz

Fill in the blanks with your answers to the questions on verb tenses rules.

1. Which of the following preposition is most used with the present and past perfect tense?

2. Which of the following cannot be described by one of the past tenses?

3. Which of the following cannot be described by the future tenses?

4. Which form of the past tense is used to indicate the cause of a past result?

5. Which of the following types of verbs cannot be used in the continuous tenses?

6. Which of the following is the most common way to form the future perfect tense?'

7. What do we primarily use the past simple tense for?

8. Which auxiliary verb is used to form the present perfect tense?

9. Which auxiliary verb is often used to create the future continuous tense?

10. What form of the main verb is used to create the past perfect continuous tense?

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Grammar Rules - Verb Tenses