Idioms - Anger Quiz

In the following sentences, choose the correct meaning of the highlighted idioms on anger.

1. The neighbors' loud music every night is 'driving me up the wall'.

2. Liz, please, ''get off my back''! You've been making comments about my work all morning!

3. When his team lost the match, Brad was like a 'bear with a sore head'.

4. I’ve 'had it up to here' with this work.

5. It’s horrible living with two people who are 'not on speaking terms'.

6. The manager 'gave me a real earful' about being late so often.

7. The success of her first novel 'ruffled the feathers' of some older authors.

8. It’s really 'put the cat among the pigeons' if you try to bring that up at the meeting.

9. My sister 'went spare' when she found out I’d wrecked her bike.

10. Teacher 'went off the deep end' when someone flew a paper aeroplane in the classroom.

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Idioms - Anger