Idioms - Food Quiz

Fill up the sentences with the correct idioms

1. It would be great if Siddu could help me with this task, but he says he has 'bigger fish to fry' right now.

2. The students at our school were 'full of beans' today, even after a day trip.

3. Li Qiang is the captain of basketball team. He is the 'top banana'!

4. Swimming is a 'hard nut to crack' for my tween.

5. Learning to write calligraphy is 'a piece of cake' for Mr. Jonathan.

6. When the 'eggheads' talk about philosophy, I can't comprehend a word they say.

7. In the business sector, Ayaz's father was a 'big cheese'.

8. When Molloy is in trouble, she usually keeps her 'cool as a cucumber'.

9. It isn't possible for us to both stay at home and take care of the kids - someone has to 'bring home the bacon'.

10. My sister would be the winner of the best 'couch potato' award.

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Idioms - Food