Idioms - Happiness and Sadness Quiz

In the following sentences, choose the correct meaning of the highlighted idioms on happiness and sadness.

1. Tom was 'thrilled to bits' to have his photo in the paper.

2. I’ve been 'walking on air' ever since Chris and I started going out together.

3. Barbara is 'full of the joys of spring' at the moment! Has she got a new boyfriend?

4. When Michael was born I was on 'cloud nine'.

5. We loved the film yesterday. It was a real 'barrel of laughs'.

6. Sorry I was so quiet during the meeting. I’ve been 'out of sorts' all day.

7. That would 'put a damper on' the future growth of steel exports.

8. I'm really hoping to win, but it will 'not be the end of the world' if I don't.

9. Pat is suffering from 'sour grapes' because I got the role in the school play that she wanted.

10. Why does Madelyn always have to be such a 'misery guts'?

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Idioms - Happiness and Sadness