Idioms - Knowing and Understanding Quiz

Select the correct meaning of the highlighted idioms about knowing and understanding in the following sentences.

1. Tara 'knows' the system 'inside out'. (knows inside out)

2. When it comes to geography, he certainly 'knows his stuff'.

3. That book title 'has a familiar ring to it'. I think I read it a long time ago.

4. I just met that man yesterday, but I 'can’t for the life of me' remember his name.

5. Most doctors 'don’t have the foggiest idea' about migraines.

6. I’m a bit 'out of touch' with computers these days.

7. When we 'put two and two together', it was easy to see that those two students cheated on the exam.

8. You've 'got the wrong end of the stick'; he doesn't owe me money, I owe him!

9. A: Have you ever heard of Jessica Meir? ; B: Hmm, the name 'doesn't ring a bell with me'.

10. Let's ask Jeff – he 'knows' the security system 'like a book'. (knows something like a book)

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Idioms - Knowing and Understanding