Idioms - Good and Bad Quiz

In the following sentences, choose the correct meaning of the highlighted idioms on good and bad.

1. I bought a new biker jacket, but my brother had to 'go one better' by buying the most expensive one in the shop.

2. We get 'the best of both worlds' by living in Italy and working in the United States.

3. Jerry quickly realised that he would have to settle for 'second best'.

4. It's conceivable that the breakup of their relationship is 'for the best'.

5. Curran is hoping that his internship at a reputed culinary school will 'stand' him 'in good stead' when he looks for a job after college. (stand in good stead)

6. Janet tried to learn to ski but soon 'give it up as a bad job'.

7. The project manager was anxious that the presentation had shown him 'in a bad light'.

8. 'If worst comes to worst', the company will file for bankruptcy.

9. If these covid infections continue to spread at this rate, the global situation will 'go from bad to worse'.

10. The grandmother found herself 'in a bad spot' after she lost her money on a trip to Mexico.

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Idioms - Good and Bad