Intermediate (B1) Level English Grammar Quiz

Fill in the blank with the correct forms of the given grammar elements of tense, preposition, modal verb, phrasal verb, or conjunction.

1. My daughter bought a new pair of roller skates ____ her skating classes.

2. When you go to Paris next month, you ______ stay with Sarah.

3. Patrick Star __________ a bath for two weeks. He reeks!!

4. Pick out the correct one.

5. I will eat _____ carrots ____ peas for dinner.

6. It took us three hours to drive ____ the desert.

7. We're always at home. We _____ go out more often.

8. We have decided that we _____ build a new house this year.

9. By 2025, the company is projected to _______ their rival in the production of microchips.

10. Have you ever taken a plane _______ the Atlantic?

11. I took the express train _____ I could arrive on time.

12. Wick ______ skateboard when he was eight! He started very early.

13. The amusement park ________ the entry prices later this year.

14. During intermittent fasting, some people only ________ fruits and water.

15. The resort is situated ______ the lively beach.

16. Steve _______ to London twice before he got a job in New York.

17. Identify the correct assertion.

18. Numbers are selected ______ in a lottery.

19. The plane tickets were twice ______ expensive _____ before.

20. You ________ get a refund unless you have the receipt. I'm afraid those are the rules.

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Intermediate (B1) Level English Grammar