Intermediate (B2) Level English Grammar Quiz

Fill in the blank with the correct forms of the given grammar elements of tense, preposition, modal verb, phrasal verb, or conjunction.

1. They closed down the factory because it _______ great damage to the environment.

2. We would leave earlier to avoid ______.


Walter said, “I will go to London tomorrow”.
(Change into Indirect Speech)


The leisure centre will be built in our borough when the pigs fly.

5. We were amazed to see a _____ of bears playing in the adventure park.

6. Your father’s brother’s daughter is your ______.

7. The girl said that she was happy with her result.
(Change into Direct Speech)

8. The students planted a ________ of plants for International Plant Day.

9. Jonathan ____ his motorbike to work everyday last year, but he ____ the cab since the accident.


We need someone who’s really on the ball for this job.

11. There were a ________ of sparrows flying around in past years, but now there are only a few.

12. Our teacher _________ us from using cell phones in class.

13. I used to _______ power glasses when I was younger, but now I ______ contact lenses.


Everyone is up in arms because of the recent increase in energy prices, which may have an impact on their winter days.

15. Manager said to Faizan, “Why didn't you attend the meeting yesterday?”(Change into indirect Speech)

16. When you _____ off the train, I _____ for you by the ticket barriers.

17. Sherina's hair is slightly _______ rather than straight.

18. Davis asked him whether he was going to the party.
(Change into Direct Speech)

19. It would be the first time Harry used a _______ of pianists to record an album.


The students were all ears when teacher explained to them about stone age.

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Intermediate (B2) Level English Grammar