Intermediate Level Prepositions Quiz

Choose the right preposition from the given options to complete each sentence.

1. Due to the drivers' announcement of a strike at 5 p.m., the buses are running _________ schedule.

2. I’d been beamed up ____ an alien class who were ___ a school trip _____ Earth.

3. Mary runs a nursery garden _________ her retail store where you can get a nice collection of flowers.

4. We’ve been waiting here for you for _______ an hour.

5. ________ the time you finish reading this question, I will have prepared _____ the next quiz.

6. I really hope the manager will be here in _______ 10 minutes _______ I am so excited about getting my lottery winnings.

7. We informed him that dinner would begin at 6 p.m., and he arrived _____. (*arrived exactly)

8. The cruise ship sailed _______ the ocean ____ the Caribbean.

9. The shopping mall is located on the _______ block _______ the high school.

10. The child stands _________ the mother while she makes the meal.

11. The police stated that the evidence ________ the assailant was not very convincing.

12. Aleksi strolled _______ the busy street ________ his way to the gym.

13. Tania is an average English student, but she is ___________ me in grammar and writing.

14. Sadly, _______ the time the ambulance arrived, the man had passed away.

15. We walked _________ the road for two miles before arriving at the lake.

16. The cricket team members are exhausted __________ the workout.

17. The woman was injured when she ran ______ a tree and had to be taken _____ the hospital.

18. What are those strange sounds coming from ________ the house?

19. Every day, the girl walks ______ the pastry shop _____ her way to school.

20. Students were instructed ____ read pages 24 ______ 31 for their assignment.

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Intermediate Level Prepositions