Linking Verbs / Action Verbs Quiz

Identify whether the highlighted verb in the following sentences is an action verb or a linking verb.

1. The noodle stew "tasted" deliciously spicy.

2. We "grew" more varieties of chillies last summer.

3. The brigadier "ordered" his troops to pull the trigger on their assailants.

4. Mohammed "is" unusually tall for his age.

5. Female pilots "are" more prevalent nowadays than they were many years ago.

6. Kwanzaa "was" created as an African-American holiday in 1966.

7. Koalas "remain" in the treetops to sleep during the day.

8. Please "hand" me the crosscut saw and the red hammer.

9. Ferdinand Magellan "became" the first man to circumnavigate the world.

10. Firefighters "rescued" the man from the burning car.

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Linking Verbs / Action Verbs