Mastering Basic Phrasal Verbs Quiz

Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each sentence from the given choices.

1. I couldn't ________ the information in the document, so I asked for help.

2. Please ________ your shoes before entering the house.

3. I need to ________ this essay before the deadline.

4. She had to ________ her tears when she heard the news.

5. He ________ his mother's traits, such as her blue eyes and blonde hair.

6. She ________ the phone when I called her.

7. Can you ________ the music a little bit? It's too loud.

8. I have to ________ the report to my boss.

9. The company decided to ________ the project due to a lack of funding.

10. I'm going to ________ my old clothes and donate them to charity.

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Mastering Basic Phrasal Verbs