Mastering Basic Prepositions Quiz

Select the appropriate prepositions from the given options to complete each sentence

1. Cars are parked all _________ the road.

2. The parcel was sent to the incorrect address _______ mistake.

3. David leaned _________ the wall while talking to Erdi.

4. Naira wants to hear _________ her favourite story line again.

5. If I had a map of the town, I could find my way _________.

6. Ben’s house is just _________ the street.

7. My best friend lives ________ New Orleans.

8. The Hollywood actor was led into a room _______ arrival.

9. I haven’t eaten French food ________ I left France.

10. The giant ball rolled ________ the stairs.

11. The racecourse is still __________ construction.

12. Kelly is the best candidate _________ 30 applicants for this position.

13. The accident occurred two weeks ________.

14. Maneez lifted the box ________ his head.

15. We have eight hundred acres ____________ the two of us.

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Mastering Basic Prepositions