Meeting A Tourist Quiz

English conversation quiz. Test your English conversation skills. Identify the correct phrase that is suitable for the sentence.


Abdu: Excuse me. Is this station _________ London Bridge?
Victor: Yes, it is.


Abdu: Thanks.
Victor: Here's our train. _________ first trip to London?
Abdu: Yes. I’m on vacation.


Victor: Where are you from?
Abdu: ________ Kuwait.


Victor: Amazing! That’s a lovely place. ___________.
Abdu: Glad! By the way, I’m Abdu.


Victor: Nice! I'm Victor. Have you visited all of London's attractions?
Abdu: I just landed in London yesterday. ______ any interesting places to visit?


Victor: _______ would like to see the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Piccadilly Circus.
Abdu: I just got ________ seeing Buckingham Palace. I'll make an effort to visit the other destinations. Thanks for that!


Victor: No worries. I ________ at this station. Nice to meet you. Have a wonderful time here.
Abdu: It was nice meeting you too. Bye!

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Meeting A Tourist