Mixed Tenses Quiz

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb tense form.

1. It’s a 24-hour relay. They ______________________ for half the time by 6 pm.

2. When Samantha ________ at school, she realised she _____________ her textbook.

3. My brother _____________ to the cinema very often.

4. By the time you arrive, I ________________ something spectacular and dinner will be on the table waiting for you.

5. There was still a strong cigarette smell in the lobby. Someone __________________ there.

6. A flock of birds __________________ through the windows, shattering the glass.

7. Thomas ________________ a movie when someone knocked on the door.

8. We’ve discovered this great restaurant and we __________________ there a lot.

9. I _________________ meet my friends for dinner after finishing my music classes tomorrow.

10. Two teachers from our middle school __________________ in a play at the moment.

11. How many times _________ your Maths teacher _____________ this topic?

12. Don’t forget your snow pants. It _________________ by the time you get to school.

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Mixed Tenses