Modal Verbs - Can/ Could/ (be) able to Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. My sister _____ swim really fast at that moment. She’s great.

2. I ________ do my homework last night. It was very difficult!

3. How long have you ___________ drive?

4. Wick ______ skateboard when he was eight! He started very early.

5. My dad _____ run very fast now. He’s really slow!

6. My grandfather ______ speak five languages.

7. I was sitting at the back of the theatre and ________ hear very well.

8. I would like to __________ play the piano.

9. I ____ see the lake from our hotel.

10. Can you speak a little louder? I ______ hear you very well.

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Modal Verbs - Can/ Could/ (be) able to