Modal Verbs - Can/Could/May/Might Quiz

hoose the correct modal verb (can, could, may, or might) to complete each sentence.

1. Exceeding the stated dose of this medication _______ cause drowsiness.

2. __________ you understand Professor McKeon’s lecture? I found it very difficult.

3. My surfing coach just said, "Trust me and you'll win gold-you _______ lose!"

4. A: "Someone's left their jacket."
B: "_______ it be Kelly’s?"

5. I ________ have told you this before. I can't remember.

6. The planet Venus _______ be seen clearly in the night sky during the month of February.

7. Sergiu's English grammar _________ very accurate, but he has a very broad vocabulary.

8. ______ you turn that television down? I need to use the phone.

9. The race had to be stopped because the oil on the track _______ have caused an accident.

10. A: "______ I take this bag on the plane?"
B: "No, I'm afraid not. "

11. I’ve heard that the proprietor is losing a lot of money and that his store ______ be closing down.

12. Excuse me, _________ you tell me where the nearest tube station is?

13. A: "When will the sculpture be ready?"
B: "Well, I _____ have finished it by this evening."

14. I _______ post your parcel on my way to work if you want.

15. Is that Jenny's car that just stopped? She ________ be waiting for us.

16. ______ you get that tin down from the shelf for me? I can’t quite reach it.

17. Scarlett falls down on the pavement over there. She _______ have hurt herself.

18. I'm sorry to bother you. _______ I look at your timetable, please?

19. I feel really sore after playing badminton. I think I ________ have a bath.

20. We ________ ask Peter if he’d like to come horseback ride with us. I know he’ll enjoy it.

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Modal Verbs - Can/Could/May/Might