Modal Verbs - Could / Could have Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. I listened, I __________ hear something.

2. Why did you stay at a hotel? You ___________ stayed with me.

3. I’m so tired, I ______ sleep for a week.

4. I was so tired, I _________ slept for a week.

5. When you go to Paris next month, you ______ stay with Sarah.

6. We had a really good holiday. It ____________ been better.

7. I _________ wear that hat. People would laugh at me.

8. You helped me a lot. I ____________ managed without you.

9. Even if I had gone to college, I ___________ gotten a job.

10. _________ he come with us?

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Modal Verbs - Could / Could have