Modal Verbs - Could/Should/Would Quiz

Complete the sentence with appropriate option (could/should/would) given for each question.

1. When I was a kid, I ________ climb any tree on my own!

2. Smilte _______ have missed the train if she hadn't gotten up so early that morning.

3. I'm not inviting them to the dinner. They _______ come anyhow.

4. You _______ try that new Mexican restaurant! It’s great!

5. Rodrigo ________ come to see us this week because we have other plans for next week.

6. When the crowd was silent, we ______ hear the clock ticking. It’s great!

7. _______ you ever get excited about taking exams?

8. You ______ believe everything you read in the news; it can be false.

9. ______ I turn on the fan because the room is too hot to stay in?

10. I _______ call you in the morning if I've got time.

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Modal Verbs - Could/Should/Would