Modal Verbs - Had better Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. I have to meet Amy in ten minutes. I ________ go now or I’ll be late.

2. We're always at home. We _______ go out more often.

3. You don’t look very well. You ________ not go out tonight.


A: Shall I take an umbrella?
B: Yes, you ________. It might rain.

5. We ________ stop for petrol soon. The tank is almost empty.


A: I just cut myself and it’s bleeding.
B: You ______ put a plaster on it.

7. We're glad you came to see us. You guys _______ come more often.

8. You ________ set your alarm. You have to get up early tomorrow.

9. I think everybody _______ learn a foreign language.

10. ‘I'm sorry, but I just missed the bus. I ________ take a taxi.’

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Modal Verbs - Had better