Modal Verbs - May and Might Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. A: Do you know where Helen is? ; B: I’m not sure. She _________ in her room.

2. Oh, no! The flight ________ delayed because of the bad weather.

3. ‘I _______ at work tomorrow morning because I have a bad cold.’

4. Hurry! Let’s get to the store before it closes. It _________ open after six.


A: Whose phone is this?
B: It’s not mine. It _______ Tom’s.

6. I think there _______ a mistake in your tax return. You should check it.

7. If Ethan’s wife hadn’t said no, he ____________ accepted the job offer in china.


A: I wonder why Amy was in such a bad mood yesterday.
B: She _________ been feeling well.

9. William _______ heard the doorbell when I rang.

10. James __________ left his umbrella at home.

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Modal Verbs - May and Might