Modal Verbs - Must and Can't Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. Lousie ______ get very bored in her job. She does the same thing everyday.

2. You’ve just had lunch. You ______ be hungry already.

3. ‘Diana is a hard worker.’ ‘Diana? You ______ be joking. She doesn’t do anything.’

4. Paul has had these shoes for years, but they still look new. He ___________ worn them much.

5. ‘We used to live very near the motorway.’ ‘Did you? It ___________ been noisy.’

6. Patricia hasn’t contacted me. She __________ got my message.

7. You have been travelling all day. You ______ be tired.

8. That restaurant ______ be very good. It’s always empty.

9. The light was red, but the car didn’t stop. The driver _____________ seen the red light.

10. The jacket you bought is very good quality. It __________ been very expensive.

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Modal Verbs - Must and Can't