Modal Verbs - Must, Mustn't, Needn't Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. We have plenty of time. We ________ hurry.

2. These are important documents. We ________ lose them.

3. You ______ meet my dearest friend Carl.

4. You ________ wait for me. You go on and I’ll join you later.

5. Andria ______ feel bored at work because she does the same thing everyday.

6. This is a dangerous situation and she need to be careful. She ________ do anything stupid.

7. You ________ lock the door. It’s OK to leave it unlocked.

8. I have to talk to Gary. I ________ forget to call him.

9. John ______ explain this if he wants his students to succeed.

10. Davis ________ worry about his grades. He's a great student.

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Modal Verbs - Must, Mustn't, Needn't