Modal Verbs Quiz

How many correct answers can you find?

1. We ________ do it by midday if we had the instruments.

2. The driver _______ have taken a side road.

3. Oh, you are seriously ill. I think you _________ consult a doctor, and if he tells you to stay in bed, you ________ do so.

4. _________ I borrow your textbook? I’ve left mine at home.

5. We had an appointment yesterday afternoon, but he __________ see me.

6. Visitors _____________ stay in the hospital after 10 p.m.


A: Where is he?
B: He _______ be walking in the park.

8. At first I ___________ skate well, now I _______.

9. Why didn’t you help him? You __________ have done it.

10. If one person is careless with a library book, then it ________ be read by others.

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Modal Verbs