Modal Verbs - Conversation based Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. Vincent was given an unwanted present by a friend. He ______ go to the store today to request a refund.

2. We _______ discuss about the conversation between the store assistant and Vincent in the following questions.


Assistant: ______ I help you?
Vincent: I'd like a refund for a book that was given to me as a present. _____ I do that here?


Assistant: Of course you can. I’ll do it for you. _______ you possibly show me the receipt?
Vincent: I'm sorry, but I _________. I don't have one, you see, because it was a present.


Assistant: You ______ get a refund unless you have the receipt. I'm afraid those are the rules.
Vincent: _______ you then exchange it for something else?


Assistant: What book is it? But you've unwrapped it. If you intended to return it, you ____ have that.
Vincent: Layla did it before handing it on to me.


Assistant: Layla, did you say? ____ she here on the weekends?
Vincent: I'm not sure, but she ______ dark curly hair and brown eyes.


Assistant: You ______ ask her where she got this. She probably got it for free because it wasn't wrapped.
Vincent: That’s possible. I ________ have asked her when she gave it to me.


Assistant: _______ I ask the manager’s opinion?
Vincent: You ________ not do that. I don't want to put her in any trouble.


Assistant: You _______ give it to someone else for their birthday, I suppose.
Vincent: Oh, that's a lovely idea, but it ______ disappoint someone like me.

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Modal Verbs - Conversation based