Modal Verbs - Should and Must Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. I think the government ________ do more to improve schools.

2. If I want to pass the exam, I ______ study harder.

3. You ________ stop smoking, it’s bad for your health.

4. The exam starts at 9 o’clock so you ______ be here by 8:45.

5. You ________ swim here. There are sharks in the water.

6. You ________ believe everything you read in newspapers, it could be fabricated.

7. Britta, you ________ eat in the school library.

8. This product’s pricing is wrong. It ________ be £4.5 not £6.

9. There are plenty of hotels in the town. It ________ be hard to find a place to stay.

10. You _______ need a map if you’re visiting London for the first time.

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Modal Verbs - Should and Must