Modal Verbs - Would / Would have Quiz

Complete the sentence with the correct modal verbs given for each question.

1. I _______ love to live by the sea.

2. Many commuters helped me at the time. I'm not sure what I ________ done without their help.


I'm not inviting them to the dinner. They _____ come anyhow.
I didn’t invite them to the dinner. They probably _______ come anyhow.

4. Ron Swanson was angry about what I’d said and he __________ talk to me for two weeks.

5. I was in a hurry when I saw you. Otherwise, I ________ stopped to talk with you and James.


I _____ call you in the morning.
I _______ call you in the morning if I've got time.
I ________ called you in the morning, but I'm swamped with other work.

7. I _______ pursued higher education if my parents were financially secure.

8. Mira was always friendly. Whenever I saw her, she _______ always hug and say love you dear.

9. I _________ go into the water by myself when I was a kid.

10. I _______ prepared your favourite dish if I had known you were coming.

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Modal Verbs - Would / Would have