Parts of Speech Quiz

Choose the correct parts of speech in this quiz. Noun; Verb; Adjective; Adverb; Pronoun; Conjunction; Interjection; Preposition.

1. Jane lives near the bridge 'but' far from the pond.

2. Snyllan hurt 'himself' while practising boxing.

3. There is a beautiful garden 'behind' the house.

4. When you are crossing a 'busy' street, you must be really careful.

5. Later on today, Peter and Janet 'will be going' to a movie.

6. 'My gosh', that’s a huge pumpkin!

7. The dog is nicely groomed and selected to participate in 'the' show.

8. The 'kangaroo' can jump very high.

9. The little chicks were 'eagerly' awaiting their meal.

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Parts of Speech