Past Perfect Progressive Tense Quiz

Identify the correct form of past perfect progressive tense.

1. Ram was angry. He ________________ for two hours.

2. I just heard about the accident. _______ the driver ______________ all night?

3. The flat was lovely and tidy because my flatmate _________________.

4. How long _______ she _________________ English before she went to London.

5. They ________________ all day so their legs were sore in the evening.

6. Percy gained weight because she ____________________.

7. I ________________ all about dinosaurs when my mom called me down to dinner.

8. Joe ________________ at the station for 90 minutes when the train finally arrived.

9. The roads were blocked in the morning. It ________________ all night.

10. They were hungry because they ________________ in the pool all day.

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Past Perfect Progressive Tense