Past Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Identify the correct form of past perfect progressive tense for the following quiz.

1. Chef Martin __________________ the restaurant's fantastic dinners for two years before he moved to Paris.

2. The jury _______________________ its verdict for very long when the judge effectively ordered them to find Jones guilty.

3. I got to the cinema late. The film _________________ for 10 minutes already when I walked in.

4. I was angry with Miho yesterday, she _______________ my computer and erased a lot of important files by accident.

5. The teacher shouted at me in class yesterday. I __________________ to her, and I wasn’t able to do the work she set.

6. ________ he _____________ before the accident happened?

7. We___________________ tennis for very long when it suddenly started to rain.

8. What _________ he _______________ since you last saw him? – Nothing very interesting.

9. I was very nervous while holding my speech. I _______________________ in front of so many people.

10. ________ she _____________ any meal when he came to my home?

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Past Perfect Continuous Tense