All Past Tenses Quiz

Identify the correct form of past tenses for the following quiz.

1. She _________________ for half an hour when she suddenly got a pain in her leg.

2. By the time I arrived at the party, the other guests ___________________ dinner.

3. I ______________ New Year's resolutions, but I doubt I'll be able to keep them.

4. Excuse me, Sir, ________ you ____________ me to finish your experiment yesterday afternoon?

5. We ________________to win the contest for five years.

6. When I got home from work yesterday, my kids ___________ to sleep.

7. My husband ____________ while I was working.

8. Mrs. Venny _________ her car very carefully when he was going to Bali.

9. When I started at the company a few years ago, Joe _____________ _____________ there for two years.

10. It was sunny, but bitterly cold so, the snow ______________ completely.

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All Past Tenses